Tragedy Or Coincidence?

Posted: 4th December 2015 by Christopher Saikes in Blog, Commentary, News, Politics
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Pen Truth

Christopher Saikes


All of this is getting beyond any form of reason or comprehension. With all of the police killings of unarmed persons in the news and the accompanying video, one would think the police would be on guard rather than escalating the violence.

I saw the video but it is to disturbing for me to post. Earlier yesterday a black man was confronted by police. He seemed to have been shot once already but didn’t drop. Then after yelling at the cops he was shot a second time. At this point he stopped yelling and almost robotically turned and zombie like started walking away. Was he in shock? Then all at once all of the police present at the scene began shooting. It sounded like over forty shots to me.

We know that there are those who want to provoke a race war in the US. We also know from recent news that White Supremacists have infiltrated the police force.


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