Short Memory Forgotten History

Posted: 5th December 2015 by Christopher Saikes in Blog, Commentary, Current Affairs, Politics
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Pen Truth

Christopher Saikes

When 1992 rolled around I was fed up with GOP incompetence and the growing religious faction taking over the party that I then favored, but I didn’t trust the Democrats either.

Enter Ross Perot, the Conservative, Non Establishment Bernie Sanders of the 1992 election cycle.

Like many I was energized, hoping for a great change in our political system. To be clear, even as a republican I wasn’t a straight ticket voter.

Then Perot had a meltdown…

When I voted for Bill Clinton I was holding my nose. After his first year in office I noticed how much the Democrats in congress distrusted and maybe even hated him. Clinton could not get a single bill passed as the Democratic led Congress believed him to be too conservative, a Blue Dog.

By 1994 the public was fed up with Democrat inaction and there was a landslide for the GOP. By this time I was so impressed with Bill Clinton that I became a registered Democrat.  2006, with progressive voter anger over the perceived crimes of the Bush Presidency the Democrats were swept back into control of Congress.  Boy how fast the voters forget and how little the Democratic Party has learned… We were hoodwinked.  Pelosi and Reid, in a joint news conference two days before the election stated that they would not investigate the Bush Administration…. It was too late, people voted in mass and they voted early.  This is why I believe that the 2010 election was so devastating for the Democrats and why the voters stayed away from the polls in 1014 as well.  Progressives were outraged at their betrayal at the hands of the DNC.

Now it’s 2015 and there are two Ross Perots, one for the Republicans and one for the Democrats.  The Democrat and the Republican voters are split amongst themselves. The main difference is that for the Republicans, all of the candidates are confirmed Republicans.  Not so for the Democrats.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent, a “Democratic Socialist,” who caucuses with the Democrats.  Like with Bill Clinton in 93 & 94, much of the Democratic Party is against this non establishment candidate and they are drawing lines in the party sand.  I have even had “Good Democrats” tell me that even though he is running as a Democrat they would not vote for him because he was not actually a Democrat.  Here is a candidate who would be good for the nation and his election would send a loud message, the same message that a Perot presidency would have sent; “Special and Corporate interests and Big Money don’t get to control our politics” and Democrats are so married to their party that like Republicans will cut their own nose off to spite their face.



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