About Trethowan.org

By Mike Trent
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Twenty seven years ago my brother began looking for relatives in England.  Our grandfather immigrated here in the early 1900s when he was still a teenager and we have had no contact with family in England so he decided to search.  Shortly after that we traveled to Cornwall to rekindle family relations.  Since we have a cosmopolitan family, our mother being from Germany and our father’s father being from Cornwall, we have always had one foot in “The Old World”.  I began the Trethowan Surname Page almost 20 years ago.  That project had grown considerably to the point that I had to create the domain “Trethowan.org.”  Since its’ inception, Trethowan.org has become a portal for Trethowans around the world.  Currently I am working on a GED file that should link all known descendents to the Two main branches of the Trethowan family lines.  All Trethowans are invited to join the project.  Thank you.

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