Pen Truth

Christopher Saikes

This discussion won’t be about whether or not Sanders can win, that is beyond the point of this discussion even though I believe that Bernie Sanders does have a chance. Now, Bernie Sanders will tell us that he is not like Trump and fundamentally he is not, however he is in that the attraction to both is the same mechanism…. both are willing to put out their message without all the political double speak and voters have been starving for that.

Many will say that a Sanders presidency would be ineffective in the face of a GOP congress. Well, how would a Clinton presidency be any more effective? What a Sanders presidency would do that a Clinton presidency could never do is send a loud message to all the corporatist; “You Don’t Get To Decide. You Don’t Get To Control Politics. You Don’t Get To Control The Massage.”

If Bernie Sanders ultimately fails in his bid for the White House we still win. Sanders will have set the message and tone of the 2016 election. Because Bernie Sanders is breathing down Hillary Clinton’s neck, Hillary is being forced to take on the tough topics and abandon the “Safe” avenue of political double speak.

Any way that you parse the subject, Bernie Sanders is what America needs.

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