Pen Truth

Christopher Saikes

I find it unfortunate that climate change has become a political football being played out in our media like some election campaign. It is also a shame that something so monumental and life changing should be weighed in terms of economic cost. The contention is over the question; “Is climate change natural or man made?”

There is a large segment of the scientific community, somewhere around 90% that side with the theory that climate change is solely man made. Those on the conservative side of the political spectrum, for purely economic reasons cling to the opinion that climate change has nothing to do with human activity and will use the science like that in the science documentary linked at the end of this blog as their justification to support a purely natural climate change event.

The funny thing about this is that many of the scientists whose research implies that climate change is mostly a natural event are also in favor of the remedies put forward by the pro human caused climate change scientists, since those CO2 mitigation projects will have the beneficial effect of reducing the harmful pollutants that humans are pumping into the air that we all breath.

Whether you believe climate change has a human cause or not really isn’t the point, reducing pollutants in our environment is, and making the changes in our society that reduce human suffering is.

This debate, the debate over “Settled Science” also binds us. Claiming that any topic is “Settled” prevents us from exploring any other avenues than those supporting the excepted theory. Good science, even science that counters our ideas, or counters “Settled Science” should not be shunned simply because it goes against our sensibilities. History has shown us over and over that nothing in science is ever settled.

Climate Change is real. The cause, well why can’t both sides be right? It wouldn’t be the first time that people arguing over two sides of a coin were arguing about the same coin. Besides, perusing all evidence to come to a better understanding of our environment and the universe around us benefits all.

I came across this documentary on the mystery of cloud formation on YouTube, and as a follower of Plasma Cosmology find it an interesting addition to the debate.  I wont suggest that the research presented in this documentary is the end all be all, or the final statement on the mater of climate change.  Nor do I feel the research presented by this documentary is the final answer to the origin of cloud formation.  As the Joni Mitchell song suggests, we really don’t know clouds at all.

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