To Regulate, Or Not Regulate.

Posted: 8th February 2011 by Christopher Saikes in Current Affairs, Politics
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Pen Truth

Pen Truth Contributor

I was listening to the news this morning where they were discussing President Obama’s trip across the street to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. You know them as the organization that lobbed for tax cuts for corporations that sent jobs over seas.

The main want of business is less regulation. Truthfully, they want no regulations on commerce. That is exactly what the term “Free Market” implies. That is exactly what caused all the problems that are economy is in today, “Deregulation.” Deregulation. It is what was behind the Banking collapse of this current economy and it was behind the collapse of the economy in the 1980s with the “S&L Crisis.”

I have a simple solution. Lets have an “Opt Out” for manufacturers and food suppliers. No regulation on their products what so ever except for two. First, a big yellow label yield sign with the words “Opt Out”. No other labeling such as ingredients, nutritional value, or safety requirements. And they can not make any claims as to the safety and purity or wholesomeness of their products. Then the TEAbaggers can consume all the “Opt Out” products that they want. Opt Out water, Opt Out meats, Opt Out Vegetables, Opt Out baby formula, Opt Out hamburgers, Opt Out medications, Opt Out cars, Opt Out Airlines, Opt Out toothpaste, Opt Out Doctors. Well, you get the point.

Oh, I almost forgot, those against regulations must register as such and can only buy Opt Out products.

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