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First, SSI (Social Security Insurance) is neither “Evil” nor a “Scam”.  This is all “Myth Making.”  If one were to believe all of the myth making, one would believe that SSI is failing and should be “Privatized.” If one were to believe all of the purposefully deceitful information (lies,) one would believe that SSI is a drag on the National Debt.  This is all propaganda espoused by corrupt members of our society that can’t wait to get their hands on $2.5 trillion, yes, that is  “TRILLION” dollars.  One can easily see how this is a great incentive to take us to the cleaners once again by those that robbed our tax dollars to bail out their “Wall Street” rumps.

Lets bust a few myths:

  • Myth 1 – SSI is in trouble.  No! SSI is not in trouble and needs no bailout. The fact is that SSI has a vast surplus, a surplus that every state and this nation wish they had.  The U.S. did have a surplus once, but it was given away.  What? you ask.  Yes, our surplus tax dollars were given away to the same Wall Street Gangsters and Banksters that collapsed our economy, destroyed retirement accounts, put millions out of work, sent jobs overseas and tossed an untold number of working families out on the street.  Oh! For clarification, it was the white president that helped do this, not the current president, (just wanted to clarify that for the thousands of TEA party members that believe otherwise.)  Here in California, we too once had a Budget Surplus.  Governor Deukmejian, (also a republican,) gave that away and California has had a deficit ever since.
  • Myth 2 – SSI is a drag on the National Debt.  Not even!   SSI has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the “Deficit.”  SSI is a savings account which is invested in the safest investment vehicle that anyone can invest in, U.S. Treasury bonds.  Well, as the treasury bonds are tied to the deficit, one can argue that SSI is tied to the U.S. debt in that SSI is owed that money once the bonds are collected on.  This is akin to the bank being a part of your personal debt in that you have a mortgage and owe the bank money.  This makes portraying the status of SSI easy to reinterpret to fit a particular political message, but to me, it’s still lying.
  • Myth 3 – SSI will run out because the “Baby Boomers” are retiring.   Pft!  SSI, at current levels will remain solvent for about another 30 years and should be 70% from then on taking in account todays data. Hmmmm!  Todays Data!  True, Baby Boomers are retiring and will eventually create an imbalance in the ratio of working people to retired people.  However, the last wave of Baby Boomer will retire in 14 years as the first wave of the Boomers will begin hitting their 80’s.  So, in 15 years the wave will peak and start rapidly declining as the Boomers begin to pass way.  This is a morbid fact, Boomers, me included will eventually die off, and the ratio of retired to workers will stabilize and may even swing once again in the other direction as the median age starts getting younger again.

Is there a lesson here?  Absolutely.  Myth making is the favorite past time of those with a political and financial stake in us believing a particular version of reality.  They want us continually afraid and fighting amongst our selves, instable.  It is the age old Machiavellian ploy, “Order out of Chaos.”  Keep the people fighting amongst themselves,  controlled mayhem, and reap the benefit in the form of profits and political power.  This philosophy even spills out into international conflict.  Remember Bin Laden?  He’s safely behind bars, NOT!

You don’t believe me?  Who is selling Gold?  Who is selling Seeds?  Listen closely and ask yourself, why are these people earning “Millions” to spread the message of fear, distrust and hate?  Don’t fall victim to the Myth.

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