Today I would like to address the mechanics of actually going about your bankruptcy, once you have decided that is the proper course of action.  To start with, I cannot emphasize enough that you must do it with a lawyer.  Do not try to do it on your own.  In most cases, their help will be well worth the fee you pay.  And do be sure you find a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy and related issues, not one who does a little divorce, a few civil suits, etc.  In my case I called the county legal aid society and for a nominal fee they sent me to a local lawyer who gave me about a 1/2 hour consultation.  I decided almost immediately that he really could help me.

It is very important that you decide if you can work with him or her.  Be sure you discuss the really important matters during that time: What the fee will be (a flat rate or by the hour), how many meetings you will need to have and (very important) that he will stand up with you at the bankruptcy hearing.  Of course, for most of us the prospect of that is daunting.  Just remember, the hearing is not conducted by a Judge, but a Bankruptcy Trustee.  And above all: TELL THE TRUTH, TELL THE TRUTH, TELL THE TRUTH!!!!. But a good lawyer will go over all of that.

Next time, more advice about bankruptcy procedures and more.

Diane R

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