Today I would like to discuss in more detail why it is important to use a lawyer for your bankruptcy.

For myself, one of the most important reasons was having my lawyer give me all the papers that had to be filled out, which meant I did not have to print them out.  And believe me, there are many pages.  Filling out these papers entails extensive information.  The main thing I can tell you about this task is to be patient with yourself.  It will be helpful if you generally keep good records.  Do take your time and check everything over several times.

Once I turned this over to my lawyer,by the next time we met, the whole thing was printed out for me, he went over it all carefully with me and just had me sign or initial it where it was highlighted.  He then E-mailed the whole thing in for me and having done that, my application for bankruptcy was entered.  Then I had to wait to be given a date for my hearing.  Again, be patient because it may take some time before you hear back.

More details next time.


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