As I promised in my previous blog. , I am going to give you some more tips from my experience in surviving my financial troubles.  After I realized there was no disgrace in filing bankruptcy, I quickly made plans to go ahead.  One of the big advantages in filing is that you stop the continuous calls from people you owe money to.  In the case of my one huge credit card bill, they had me on automatic call and there was a call about every hour.  I never replied because I knew I couldn’t send them any money.  In the case of some other calls, as for my mortgage, I did keep in touch, telling them I would pay something when I could.  At the time, I was mostly was concerned about just feeding myself and my cat.

Also, please never be embarrassed about getting help with food.  There were several times when I went to the local food bank for some groceries.  They never hesitated about helping me.  When my life gets easier I will be able to donate to them and perhaps do some volunteer work.

Please tune in for more later

Notice:  Ms Ray is neither an Attorney nor a Financial Adviser.  Her blogs are not intended to provide either legal or financial advice.

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