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Posted: 25th July 2011 by Mike Trent in Books
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Poetry Is The Heart Of Liberty.

Ice confirmed on the moon.

Posted: 14th November 2009 by Mike Trent in Science, Space
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Just because we build rockets and have been to the moon, we are not yet a space-faring society. Not only have we not reached our back yard fence, we are not even sure what our back yard fence looks like.

Why Not The Moon?

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by Mike Trent in Current Affairs, Space
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Lame. Beyond lame, criminally incompetent.

One Giant Leap, Backwards?

Posted: 4th April 2009 by Mike Trent in Current Affairs, Politics, Science, Space, Technology
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Pen Truth Contributor Three parachutes open with the capsule swaying slowly below, barely seen against the canvas of the vibrant cloudless blue sky.  Astronauts returning to earth head toward a splash down into the Pacific Ocean.  Helicopters buzz around the floating city that is the aircraft carrier.   All standing on the deck cheering, having waited […]