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Posted: 25th July 2011 by Mike Trent in Books
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Poetry Is The Heart Of Liberty.

Since I use “Kindle for PC” to read my eBooks on my PC, I wanted an eReader that would also run Kindle for Android so that I could read on the go. I decided to get the White Pandigital Novel which runs the newer Android version

The Stylist, What’s in a name? Segment One.

Posted: 28th May 2010 by Mike Trent in Books
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Patterns of blood spattered the walls as if a modern abstractionist had tried to create a masterpiece in red. In the corner a bloody body lies slumped in a freakish pose.

There is one issue that I take with the debunkers and that is this; They state that the Masons and Scottish Rite are not secret organizations because they advertize and post the hours of there meetings, well the CIA posts their office hours as well as their phone number.