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“No amount of government intervention can prevent irrational people from doing terrible things,” – Senator Richard Shelby, (R).  If Senator Shelby believes that no amount of government intervention can prevent violence, then why did the senator vote for intervention in the middle East?  [S J Res 23 – Military Force Authorization]  If the senator is so reluctant to have the government intervene to prevent violence, then why did Senator Shelby vote for H J Res 114 the use of military force against Iraq?

I can extend this argument to other policies as well, since the senator believes the U.S. government is so impotent then why is the senator constantly voting against a woman’s right to choice? []

“People who steal guns do not submit to background checks, – Senator Chuck Grassley, (R). Just exactly how do background checks trample on the second amendment Senator Grassley?

Who are these wolves?  They are constantly voting to restrict the rights of the individual, yet so determined to allow guns to be freely available to people who shouldn’t be allowed to have guns simply because the government is impotent?  Maybe the senate needs Viagra and stop engaging in transference.  The impotence is yours and yours alone Senators.


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