Hanging Garden

There are all these ads for “Survival Seeds.” ┬áIf there were a catastrophe so bad that you had to rely on them, you would starve long before they were ready to harvest.

Then there is seed viability and successfully sprouting those seeds. Those who have established gardens will survive such a disaster if it were to happen. Odds are that no such thing will happen, but having an established garden will put you ahead of the curve as food prices increase.

In the 80s, California produced 84% of the nations produce, today fully 80% is foreign grown and our farms are now housing communities and parking lots. This is the stupidest use of our most important resource, Farmland

I have to ask, what happens when our foreign food suppliers decide they don’t want to send their food to the US anymore? China has already began cutting food exports to feed their growing middle class. I would rather depend on foreign oil than foreign food.


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