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OK.  I waited until everyone was done with their dinner hour.  Ready for a Vegan Diet?  After this you just may be.  When it was discovered in the 1950s that by putting antibiotics in chicken feed chickens grow faster with less food saving lots of money, they started feeding chickens antibiotics.  As early as 1952 researchers were already warning of the possibility of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria in chickens and putting the public at risk, something that the public has only been aware of in the last ten to fourteen years.  Also, it turns out that since the 1940s, some ranchers in the chicken industry have been feeding chickens a dangerous poison to kill parasites.  The poison? Arsenic.

It is reported that while the measured amounts of arsenic are minute it is still detectable in grocery store chicken that have been fed with the poison containing product.  Also everyone already knows, or atleast should know that a large portion of what we eat is evacuated as waste and this is true for chickens too.  To give you the greatest revulsion factor that the food industry can muster, in their never ending quest to make more profits by cutting costs that evacuated chicken wast (poop) is fed to you, not directly of course but as an ingredient in cattle feed.  While you sit there eating that hamburger wondering why burgers just don’t taste the same anymore,  Cows are eating chicken poop so companies can pay their executives millions of dollars in salaries, benefits and bonuses.  But you know who is getting boned don’t you?  And if there is arsenic being fed to some chickens doesn’t it stand to reason that there would be arsenic in the chicken poop that the cows are eating?

What else has the cow that became that hamburger or steak that you polished of just a few hours ago also eaten?  Well, would you believe pork?  What? Are you prohibited from eating pork as a mater of culture or religion?  Did you know that blood products are also allowable feed ingredients for cattle?  The standards do not specify the blood source, so I wonder if that includes out dated blood from blood banks?  Horse meat and used cooking oil are ingredients that are also allowed in cattle feed, in case you were wondering.  It’s not just the U.S. that condones these practices, cattle feed in Ireland was found to contain contaminated pork products.  But before you trash that meat and run to the store for those veggies…….  I have one last thing to say;  “GMO!”

Fore more on this topic, visit the web site for the Union of Concerned Scientists.  Bon Appétit.


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