Good Science, Bad Science.

Posted: 13th April 2012 by Mike Trent in Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Science, Space
Solar Dynamics Observatory

The Sun In Ultraviolet

Now, this is what really bothers me about scientific discoveries in general.  In 1995, the astronomers at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona claim they had discovered water in the form of steam on the sun.  OK, here is the problem with that;  The temperature at which water molecules split to oxygen and hydrogen, “thermally decompose” (a process called thermolysis) is 2000 °C.

That’s very very hot.  The surface of the sun is 6,000°C, three times what is needed to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen.  Carbon monoxide,  having the highest known decomposition temperature decomposes at 3870 °C.  This means that there should be no molecules or compounds, only atoms and water is not an atom.  So just exactly how do they square this?  Well…they claim that the water is hiding in the cooler regions of the sun, in the sun’s “umbra”,  “the cool, dark core of each spot.” – New Scientist 1995.

OK.  Now I am having a really big problem with this and here’s why:  The sun’s corona is more than 1,700,000 °C.  Scientists have puzzled over this for decades asking; “Why is the atmosphere of the sun over a million degrees hotter than the surface of the sun?”  Just about a year ago, late 2010 early 2011, scientists found a solution;  Magnetism is transporting heat from the sun’s core to the sun’s atmosphere through sun spots and that’s why the sun spots are cool……..

So.  Is it just me?  And the scientific community calls the Electric Universe Theory, or Plasma Cosmology fiction.  I considered publishing this under the category of fiction.

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