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Christopher Saikes




If the point of repatriations is to undo wrongs, shouldn’t those reparations be to the communities, building up the black communities, creating opportunities, jobs, housing, education?

Hillary supporters are making a lot of Hay over a Sanders comment regarding Reparations for Slavery. As I read the original interview, Sanders was expressing the opinion I expressed in the first paragraph. The implication to me is that strong communities make a strong America.

However, sadly the US is #1 in only two categories, imprisoning people and military spending and of those imprisoned, people of color are over represented. Sanders regularly, more than any other candidate speaks to these issues.

After emancipation, racist whites were willing to pay ex slaves to go back to Africa and be done with them. Paying reparations will not help black communities, it will only give racist whites ammunition too end all support for black communities saying; “We already paid them… be done with it, no more help.”

That is not the America that I dream about.

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