Pen Truth

Christopher Saikes

I am so tired of people complaining about how politicians are “OWNED” by the corporations because they take corporate money. It is true that they do get the majority of their money from the rich and powerful, but it is the voters fault.

Why do I blame the voter? Simple. I will spell it out in the simplest way possible. In 2012, both Obama and Romney forces spent just over $2.3 billion on the election1.   No chump change here, right?

Here is another fact; At any one time there are about 72 million registered Democrats, 55 million registered Republicans, and 44 million registered Independent in any one year2.

That $2.3 billion is just for the presidential elections, which only come around once every four years. So here is where that $1 a month idea comes into play… 174 million voters giving $1 a month, or $12 a year is just under $2.09 BILLION ……. Times that by four years.

Still think that politicians taking corporate money is not the voters fault? How much did you give?


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