Well, it has been awhile since my last message on the (now Pen Truth Blog.).  But this probably worked out for the best.  I’ve learned one of the most important lessons, which is that even though your bankruptcy has been discharged, there are certain obligations which are not wiped out by bankruptcy.  In my case this includes Property Taxes and Home Owners Dues (I live in a condominium complex).  To start with, my HOA (Home Owners Assoc.) dues were raised considerably because so many owners walked away from their houses.  I chose to not do  this and and definitely want to keep my home.  My little house is described as a condo, but I think of it as my little house and totally want to stay here.

Once again, it is so important to keep in touch with whomever you owe money to.  This county in which I live has been very patient with me in regard to my paying the taxes.  I have been slowly paying them back and will be able to pay this year’s second installment on time (putting money aside).  Then I will go about paying the rest of the overdue taxes.

When I comes to my HOA, I am paying extra each month and making it clear that I will be all caught up before long.  Now there is an automatic lien on my property which sounds pretty scary.  Just remember to keep paying and to not get upset.  I also owe a small amount to the IRS due to a mistake I made.  They already took part of this out of my refund from this year.  This may not get paid until I get a fairly large refund next year.

Just remember some of the old cliches like “One day at a time”, “Put one foot in front of the other” and “Baby Steps”.  They really work if you work them.  And patience, patience, patience.

I will be doing one more Blog very soon on this subject with some more tips from what I have learned.

‘Til then,  DRAY

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