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Were is the DNC’s pledge to America?  It is a simple question to ask in this political environment.  The GOP has captured center stage in several contested elections by adopting a statement of principles and making a very public “Pledge to America.”  I, as a democrat cannot remember the DNC having ever made such a strong, visible public pronouncement in adopting a statement of principles.

Symbolism is important to the human psyche, we understand when a person or group makes a grand gesture, they are symbolic to us.  Symbolism is the first human language.  Early written languages were symbols and for some cultures they are still a part of their written language, such as in Japan and China.  Symbolism is written into our very DNA.  FDR understood symbolism so well it got him elected to four terms to the Presidency.  The GOP uses symbolism very well as did Hitler.  Here is FDR’s forgotten vision for America, a revised Bill of Rights:

This is not the first time America has stood at this political and economic crossroads.  This is not the first time the GOP decimated the US economy and insisted on placing the burden of recovery on the shoulders of the middle class and the poor.  It is time for the DNC to stopped acting like the bullied kid and get off of it’s wimpy ass and once again, like FDR make that hard hitting stand against austerity.  It is time for the DNC to get into the  face of the GOP bullies and speak as loudly as possible, reminding America what it is the GOP truly stands for.  It is time for the DNC to show the base that this is a fight that they are ‘Not” willing to back down from, that this is a fight that they are “Not” willing to loose.  People do respect conviction, even if they don’t agree with it.  People are bound genetically to understand symbolism and react to it positively or negatively, we all react, it’s in our nature.

The GOP uses the name of FDR as a swear word, the DNC needs to invoke his name and memory and call-out the GOP.  I hold up the disgraced Anthony Weiner as an example.  There are those who would cringe whenever Anthony Weiner spoke before congress calling-out the GOP, and there were those who were aroused by his tensity.  People understood the symbolism of his gesture before the people’s house.  People reacted strongly to these actions because it reached down into their very souls and pulled at their hearts.  We understand such strong rhetoric, the basic symbology of the body politic.  As a social species we are also naturally political and we understand the symbolisms of social-political actions.

We are standing at the edge of a cultural precipice.  DNC, Get A Clue.  Stand up.  Fight.

  1. Iwaller says:

    Excellent article, spot on. We really need true Dems, no bluedogs, if we are ever to solve this country’s issues.

  2. CarolAnnB says:

    I never realized the talent and skill to write so well, with the ability to convey such a powerful message — thank you for bringing this to my attention. – Peace & Light — CA

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