Mike Trethowan

As a “Newbie” to Linux, I am still learning new things. As I work my way through the forest of information, blazing a trail towards Android Development, I will begin posting my successes and tips on my failures for those brave souls that follow.

This adventure has a goal of setting up Ubuntu 11.04, a Linux environment that runs along side Windows in a dual-boot environment for tasks in developing my projects. While Android and Linux have parted ways, (well kinda, they are friends with benefits,) Android still relies on the Linux Kernel and programming environment.

For those not familiar with either Android or Linux, they are both GNU publicly licensed, meaning they are free to use and share. In fact, sharing is required in order to develop in these environments. As I will be relying on scripts to do much of the manual stuff, I will also publish my experiences with bash shell scripting.

To read more about GNU, go to http://wordpress.org/about/gpl/

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