Okay, so you’ve been through the bankruptcy hearing and answered all of the questions honestly.  Now, it is time to show how patient you can be,  because you will have to wait 60 days for your bankruptcy to be “discharged”.  I am sure this is so the court can check all of your answers and make sure everything is the truth.  Of course, during this time no creditors will bother you.  So just hang in there; it will happen.

Once you receive notice that your bankruptcy was successful, it is the time to start putting the pieces of your financial life together.  Again, this calls for patience.  In my case, I knew my life would not go back to being the same, because I had learned so much.  I had never been really sloppy about money, but now I have learned how to be really careful.  It was interesting to find out what I can and cannot do without.  And also how much less I can pay for the things I really need.   For instance: I used to pay $40.00 for a haircut, but I’ve found a place where I can get one for $14.95.  There are no frills but who needs them.  I used to go to my little favorite local restaurant about 3 times a week, now I go once.  Another advantage of this is as  result of eating at home more it is easier to maintain my weight.  I don’t use my credit card (of course, I’m not allowed to), but only my debit card.  That means that I can’t buy anything unless I actually have the money.  Maybe sometime in the future I will get another credit card.

And do be careful of  companies that want to sell you a car or let you have a credit card: No.1, they will charge you a huge amount of interest and No.2, they know youcan’t do another bankruptcy for 7 years.  Again: more patience.

Next time: More tips on recovering after your bznkruptcy.




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