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Humans like to roam and always have. Wherever people choose to travel, they find a way, not just today but even in our distant past. Wherever there is land, people have gone there. If it was habitable, people stayed and flourished. As humans have traveled, a record has been left in the archeology of the land. What that record says is not easy to read, the clues are faded, languages lost, memories no longer exist, yet some very old stories do exist.

Archeologist’s, Anthropologist’s and Sociologist’s have put little faith in histories passed down by spoken word and at times even that that was written is suspect. The game telegraph is given as an example as to why such legends should not be trusted as the message becomes garbled by the time the last person recites a confused version of what was transmitted. The┬áreal truth to this seemingly logical claim is that this claim disregards the fact that ancient transmitters of the messages were trained for a life time and they were being ignored.

These trained story tellers were not like the minstrels of old, they were regarded with great honor and carried great responsibility to keep the history alive. Besides, anyone that has told a favorite story multiple times to a child knows that when an error is made, even the youngest child will correct that adult on their error. Is there proof that stories handed down over thousands of years can be accurate enough to tell us the story of a people? Yes. There are many. Troy is the prime example, though at some time it was eventually written down. The tale of an American Indian tribe that described how many lifetimes ago they had to move their village because of the encroaching ocean. Most did not take the story serious, some did. When an expedition was formed to find the village, it was found right where the legend said it was over ten thousand years earlier at the end of the last ice age.

How does that relate to the story that I will be bringing you? The story exemplifies that legends should not be disregarded out of hand. As for the politics of today, the Indigenous peoples of the Americas are sensitive to science trying to make claims as to who was here first. I do not blame them, as recent history tells the tale of their conquest and decimation at the hands of Europeans.

The story of the peopling of the Americas is not just a story of one people over another but the story of human kind’s desire to venture forth. This new view sees not only peopling from Asia over a land bridge, but by sea. They came from all of Asia by land and by sea, the furthest reaches of this world and they left clues and spoken histories.

I want to explore this alternative archeology with my readers. I want to explore what was possible and may have been. I hope you will join me on this multipart journey as I blog of these true wonders and mysteries.

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