Health Care Reform Dogs

Posted: 31st July 2009 by Christopher Saikes in Current Affairs, Politics
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Pen Truth

Pen Truth Contributor

After reading an online article written by Congressman Hoyer of Maryland justifying slowing down health care reform. I sent him this e-mail:

>>Dear Congressman Hoyer,

Unfortunately my district has a Republican representative. I am not from your district, but I will tell you what I told the DNC. Last year was the first time I was inspired to donate money to any political event. Between on-line donations and local cash donations to the DNC I gave over $500 of hard earned cash that I really could not afford to do. If the democrats obstruct Obama, I will never support the Democrats again. I support Obama.


Mike Trethowan<<

I sent a similar communique to The DNC thru their on-line website. As well as posting this on the Ed Shultz  Facebook profile.

If you have something to say, just say it. Be resolute. Don’t use angry words, insults or profanity. Just state your beliefs in the matter as mater of fact and post it or e-mail it.

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