From Chaos, Balance?

Posted: 21st March 2009 by Christopher Saikes in Religion & Philosophy
Pen Truth

Pen Truth Contributor

Life can be complicated.  Often we have a path or a dream that we want to follow or certain expectations in life.  None of these things are possible if you don’t know your center.  The saying that life is what you make it is true, but truer is that you are what you see yourself as, you define your own life and the world is as you see it.
I have heard is stated that if you want your life to change that you have to dream a new dream.  My belief is if you want your life to change, you have to see yourself differently and believe that point of view.  No one makes you what you are, happy, sad, lonely, healthy, sickly or successful.  Choose your own definition and live as if that story is the true you.

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